New Foyer Light

Remember when I said 2015 will be my year?!

Well, we're off to a good start.

Duke National Champions, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went with a friend to watch the game at Lynwood Grill and the bar was packed. There's so much energy and enthusiasm for college basketball here in the Triangle - I love it! Brian and I have watched Duke every step of the way leading up to that moment, so it was really special watching them win the title.

In other news, the kitchen remodel is almost complete! The bar will be installed this week and I'll take some pictures of the finished product. I'm so happy with the changes we've made and I think it will look really great when it's done.

Brian and I have had our eye on a new light for our foyer for the past two years. This specific light was on our Amazon wishlist and we finally broke down and ordered it a few weeks ago (it came from Ballard Designs, since it's no longer available on Amazon).

Brian did the installation on Good Friday, since he had the day off work.

This was the light we used to have in the foyer:

I actually liked the old one too, but I think the new one is a little more unique.