Florida Keys - April 2015

I'm sitting outside tonight with a very different view.

While I definitely miss the ocean, I'm glad to be home and reunited with our dogs!

This trip turned out quite different from what we had in mind back in February. Unfortunately, at the last minute, our friend Brandon had to back out of going due to work obligations. We were definitely bummed. Brandon is one of our best friends and he definitely brings the party with him wherever he goes.

Once Brandon wasn't coming, we changed up our agenda and decided not to do Key West. We stayed in Marathon and spent most of our time relaxing around the house, interspersed with a few fun activities.

We took a boat to Pigeon Key Island and learned all about the island's history. We also went kayaking and visited the new aquarium. Most mornings I laid out by the ocean and read my new book, "Maude," which was SO DARN GOOD I couldn't put it down. I also discovered my new favorite beach bar, Burdine's. The food and atmosphere were perfect!

So while this wasn't exactly the Florida Keys vacation I had originally envisioned, it turned out to be rather enjoyable. Once I have more time, I need to update my FL Keys vacation guide. We've done so many fun things over the years!

Here's a few pics from this trip: