Happy Birthday to Brian!

Today is one of the best days ever because it was the day Brian was born!!!!

We've made a lot of memories over the last 6 years. I'm going to try my best to come up with thirty three.

1. Do you remember that time you came to the Mill Creek Invitational with some blonde chick and I was part of the wait staff that served you and your date dinner? You may not have ever known this, but I was so nervous/embarrassed, especially when I had to bus the tables in front of you!

2. Our first Facebook message:

3. After our first date, you were leaving that morning for Mustang Week at Myrtle Beach and I definitely invited myself to come along on the trip.

4. Our first trip to the mountains. Walking around that one-stoplight town.

5. ZMax Dragway for your 28th birthday.

6. Charlotte (on my 23rd birthday) and we stayed at Dave Jewell's house. You, Ben, and Dave came home with girls from the bar at 2am and were being SO LOUD while I was trying to sleep. I was not a happy camper! :)

7. Lots of movie nights in the condo, back when we used to share a couch.

8. Superbowl parties with Left Right Center halftime games.

9. Epic July 4th weekend, minus the part when you said "I love my cars more than I love you," and I drunk cried for an hour.

10. PBR towers at O'Malleys.

11. When Ben lived with you for a couple years and we cooked dinner every week night in the tiny condo kitchen.

12. When you gave Robin from next door your old TV and he dropped it on his foot!!!

13. Picking out our first puppy. You picked Otis and I was so mad at you because I didn't get my way.

14. Sharky's back when it was cigarette smoke, our favorite bartenders, and the regulars.

15. Our one year of dating anniversary at Sullivan's. I thought it was such a huge milestone!

16. Going to Charleston and eating at Moe's Southwest Grill.

17. Your MC Chris phase.

18. Bar golf in downtown Raleigh for your birthday.

19. When I went three years without realizing we were sleeping on a futon.

20. Eating at Denny's after we got married.

21. Walking into our empty house for the first time and finally agreeing!!!

22-27. Our first trip to Annapolis. Your parents took us to their favorite Italian spot. Coffee at 49 West. Beers at Ram's Head. Drinks at Heroes. Ice cream at Storm Brothers. I was ready to pack up and move right then!

28. When we went to Victory Baptist, that tiny, one-room church, and I made us late and you refused to go inside.

29. All the car shows.

30. Loggerhead's in Wilmington after the Avett Brother's concert.

31. Las Vegas and the Wizard of Oz slot. George's reaction when he'd land on Glenda the Good Witch.

32. When you won me a goldfish at the State Fair and made us stop at Wal-Mart at midnight to buy a tank.

33. When I was 22 and you were 27, and we blinked and it was 6 years later.