World's Worst Dog Trainer

I used to think I was great at training dogs. I grew up with Border Collies, the #1 most intelligent breed. So that should tell you something.

To see what I'm dealing with now, watch the following video starting at minute 2:20.

English Bulldogs are stubborn. And not too bright.

I think what surprised me most about this breed is how powerful they are. I mean, Pippa is round and blubbery, but Otis is a whole 'nother ball game. He is one powerful dog.

Cesar Milan always talks about the responsibility that goes into owning a powerful breed. The reality is that these breeds can do serious harm if they're not well balanced (exercise...discipline...then affection!). Brian and I both are drawn to bully breeds - bulldogs, pit bulls, etc. Life would be much easier if we just got a Basset Hound!

We're lucky that Otis has calmed down significantly in the past year and has mellowed out quite a bit; however, every now and then he'll get in a mood. I like to call it....

Bat shit crazy.

(He snoozes 99% of the day. Saving up that energy so he can really pack a punch.)

I started a new agility class this week with Otis. Thursday night went well, so I'm excited again after taking a two month hiatus. This is our fourth class since last Fall, so he's getting quite good!

If anything, these classes help me more than they help Otis. At the beginning, it shed light on the fact that I am the World's Worst Dog Trainer. 

I am impatient. I get frustrated. I give up easily. 

The agility helps me develop a bond with Otis because we have to work together as a team. 

I first decided to take up agility with Otis after reading a blog post from Kevin & Amanda. I watched this video of the dog and handler competing and I literally cried tears of happiness at the end. 

Otis and I obviously aren't trying to win any agility titles.

If we ever want to compete in an actual competition, I'm going to need a lot more training.