If You Like to Read....Read This! The Girl on the Train.

Y'all. This book.

I cannot put it down.

In the past year, I've been going through a drought - a good book drought.

In 2010, I was reading a good book every couple weeks: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Help, The Kitchen House, Room, The Hunger Games, etc. etc.

In 2012, there was Fifty Shades, so that was pretty memorable.

In 2013, I read Gone Girl and Dark Places. I read We Are Water. All good choices.

Last year, there's only one good book sticks out in my mind - Divergent.

Since last January, I've really struggled finding something to read. I've resorted to reading some oldies but goodies (i.e. Lord of the Flies), but I've really missed my constant stream of good books.

I keep searching. I keep reading reviews. I keep downloading samples on on the Kindle. I keep being disappointed.

Well, until now.

On Sunday morning, I saw that The Girl on the Train won an Amazon "Book of the Month" award. The plot sounded promising and the reviews were high, so I downloaded it on a whim.

I. Am. Addicted.

I could have cried this morning when I realized I accidentally left my book on the nightstand instead of bringing it to work with me to read on my lunch break.

Yes, I'm a nerd.

If you like to read, I would be doing you disservice not to tell you about this book.

But don't get your hopes up or anything.

Keep expectations low -- the lower the better -- and maybe you'll be thanking me later.

Also, if you have recommendations, send them my way!