January Goals

I started off this month with renewed energy, but Brooke is keeping me on my toes! I intended to post my monthly goals on the blog on the 1st of each month this year-- much like I did in the days of yore -- but I've been doing everything in 10 minute bursts this week with a needy newborn. 

So the 4th it is! January goals coming 'atchya. 

I head back to work at the end of this month, so my maternity leave is winding down. I'm getting the itch to get back into "work mode" and I am excited to jump all in, but for now, I want to prioritize savoring time with my sweet girl. Brooke has already outgrown the newborn size clothes at 9 weeks old and has moved into the 3-month size. It's just a matter of weeks before I start getting rid of the newborn essentials: the Boppy lounger, the swaddle sacks, the bouncy seat, and all the things that make life easier with a baby that can't roll over. Time keeps moving forward.

Some of my monthly goals will contribute to my bigger annual goals (such as Peloton rides) but most of these are smaller things on my to-do list that I really want to knock out, along with a couple of *fun* additions that I plan to throw in each month.

January Goals

1. Bathe the three dogs.

Otis legit smells like a dead fish. This goal involves getting each one in the bathtub and then drying them off with the hairdryer. They love it (and they wiggle so cute when I blow dry their hair!), but my doggy spa day takes the better part of an afternoon, so it's hard to find the time.

2. Complete my monthly house cleaning

You may remember I took over cleaning our house each month and getting rid of our house cleaners last year. Well, this basically came to a halt in October so I plan to set aside a full day in January to accomplish this.

3. Do 15 Peloton rides

I started back strong last week! Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was most excited about being able to exercise again. I can already tell that I feel so much better, so I hope to keep up the momentum!

4. Finish all of my maternity list to-do's

I'll do a full blog post later on my maternity leave, but with the extra time at home I've been trying to knock out lots of things, such as cleaning closets, drawers, junk rooms, etc. I still have some things on the list. The hallway linen closet, coat closet, kitchen drawers...

5. Perfect ACP 

(per-FECT....as in the verb usage) 

(ACP....as in Arroz con Pollo)

Perfecting it actually requires me making it for the very first time, lol! A lot of my mental energy lately has gone into meal planning. Over the past three years or so, we've fallen into a good rhythm of cooking at home 4-5 nights a week and now have a fairly large repertoire of family meals we can all easily agree on. One thing I've never thought to make until this week is ACP. It's one of Brian's favorite standbys when we eat out at a Mexican restaurant. In researching recipes and YouTube videos this week, I've realized we may have a different take on ACP here in the South. It's just Mexican rice, grilled chicken strips and queso all mixed together and they usually serve warm tortillas on the side. I'm surprised I never thought to make it at home, so I plan to give it a shot (or two!) and see how it goes over with the family.

6. Take a hike

Definitely with Cam. Maybe with Brooke? Maybe with Cam, Brooke, and one dog? You can see how something simple can easily become something stressful in my life. :) Keep it fun...my life goal in a nutshell.