The "Why?" Chromosome

Have I ever shared with you my theory on male and female chromosomes?

Here it is:

Men have the X and the Y chromosomes because they're the ones that often do stupid things that leave us shaking our heads and wondering "WHY????"

Females have the XX chromosomes because we always have to repeat ourselves.

(I should be a high school biology teacher. I feel I've missed my calling.)

Anyhow, my relationship with Brian regularly reinforces this theory and I have a recent example.

As background to this story, when Brian and I got married, I was banking at BB&T and he used Wells Fargo. He made the sacrifice and switched his accounts over to BB&T. Four years later, he still never misses an opportunity to tell me how much he dislikes the Best Bank in Town.

So we were at dinner a couple weeks ago and Brian was looking down at his phone, very frustrated with something. I heard a combination of mumbled words, cursing, and "BB&T sucks."

Here's what happened next....

K: "What's wrong?"
B: "BB&T has the dumbest security questions ever. I can't login because I can't remember the friggin' answer."
K: "What's the question?"
B: "What's your favorite color?"

(brief silence, Kelly thinking)

K: "Well, what is your favorite color?"

(Brian exasperated, highly annoyed)

B: "I don't know Kelly. Blue, I guess."
K: "Did you try blue?"
B: "It's not blue!"
K: "You just said your favorite color was blue."
B: "I didn't answer it with blue."
K: "Well what's your second favorite color? Maybe try green."
B: "It's not a color! I used a code word."

(Kelly amused, suppressing laughter)

K: "A code word?"
B: "A code word. It's recommended that you use a code word. You just use the same word for every question and that way you don't have to remember your answers."
K: "I've never heard of doing that. I always remember my answers."

(Brian silence)

K: "What's your code word?"
B: "Oh my god."
K: "You don't remember it?"
B: "If I did, I wouldn't be locked out of the account right now."

(angry silence)

K: "I just don't understand why you didn't answer the question with blue."

(more angry silence)

B: "Okay can we talk about something else. Obviously BB&T sucks and now I'm going to have to reset everything."

(approximately 2-3 minutes of silence)

K: "I still just don't understand why you didn't answer the question with blue."