The Best Pancakes Ever

I've been re-reading my cookbooks lately.

Two reasons:
Reason #1: I want to be more intentional about meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.

For the past year, my life has pretty much consisted of
a.) being a mom while Cam is awake and
b) recovering from being a mom while Cam is asleep.

The recovery includes alcoholic beverages and lots of sleep.

Back in May, Cam started sleeping through the night and he goes to bed early now (6pm). I'm tempted to go to bed early too (6:01pm), but I think after twelve months of recovery it's finally time that I start getting back to my old self. Blogging, cooking, baking, making huge messes, annoying Brian.

Reason #2:  I have nothing else to read.

I read Stephen King's "The Stand" this year.
It was good. Laws yes, it was good.

Life of Pi has been holding tight to it's #1 spot on Kelly's Favorite Books List since 11th grade, but I think The Stand may have finally taken the lead. I finished it in August and I cannot bring myself to read another book because I know I will be disappointed.

Nothing can top The Stand. My life might as well be over. Literary speaking.

So, uh, regarding the best pancakes ever...

I decided I would do a special breakfast this morning for Cam since I had the day off work. I like to make things special, especially around the holidays.

I made the Pioneer Woman's sour cream pancakes this morning, but I substituted Greek yogurt because I had no sour cream.

My morning in a nutshell:


The sour cream pancake recipe.

Greek yogurt because I was sans sour cream.

The Best Pancakes Ever!

Ignore Cam's skepticism. They really were the best pancakes I have ever had!

The Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Pancakes