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Our year-long basement renovation is almost done and I will be posting the BEFORE and AFTER pictures later this week. Finally!!

On November 16th, Cam celebrated his first birthday!
After we survived a colicky first two months, Cam has been such a joy. Right now, the challenging part is figuring out a better routine. My work hours and nightmare-ish commute make it really difficult to create a pleasant morning and evening routine. 

I still don't consider myself a baby person by any means. I adore kids, but the baby stage is just not my favorite. It's a miracle of God that the stressful moments are easily forgotten because I will only look back on this year with fond memories of my happy baby boy! :)

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house again this year with lots family! Brian cooked the turkey and everyone else contributed the side dishes and desserts. Basically, that means I didn't have to do anything!

On a separate note, I have really exciting news:

Tonight I will break out my 1,000 piece puzzle!!!

Kelly's 3rd Annual Christmas Puzzle tradition!

Brian and I had to clean our dining room since we hosted Thanksgiving, so now I have the perfect place to complete my masterpiece.

I purchased four bottles of holiday wine for the occasion (to be divvied up over the next few weeks, of course). If you wish to create your own Christmas puzzle tradition, I suggest Amy Grant Holiday Radio on Pandora as the perfect musical complement, along with a pine-scented candle.


  1. How did I miss this tradition?? Sounds absolutely divine!!


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