Life Lately

I can't believe it was only eight days ago that I was completely worn down, overwhelmed, and ready to crawl into bed and stay there forever.

This week has been excellent. Cam is happy and I feel like a brand new person! 

Right when I start to enjoy maternity leave, I'll have to turn around and go back to work. Such is life!

I got my hair done on Wednesday and it was the best money I ever spent. My self-esteem needed a boost. I had been feeling pretty down in the dumps.

After I sent the above picture to my best friend, she said she wanted to give me a crash course in taking selfies.

I'm so excited to learn from the pro:

"It's as cold as a witch's titty." - Amelia Deaton

Molly Maids cleaned our house this week. Second best money ever spent.

This weekend includes Duke basketball, margaritas, dinner with friends, church, and birthday parties. Woohoo! I'm finally coming out of isolation!

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. hahahah that picture of Ame!

    1. I know right!!! Hilarious. Glad to see you were able to comment. Several people told me it wasn't working. :-)

  2. That's awesome! I finally felt pretty good at 8 weeks and only had two good weeks of maternity leave. I guess that is more common than not. Hair looks great!

    1. That's exactly me! This is week 8 and I go back in 2 weeks. Right when I start to get the hang of things... :-)


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