2016 Goals

This year is going to be an adjustment and I'll probably spend most of my days in survival mode; however, I still want to set some goals for myself while I strive to create a new normal.

Here's what I came up with for 2016:

1. Attend church on Sundays

Why is this so hard?! For starters, we don't have a church we go to in Raleigh and Brian is not too interested in going each week, so that leaves me to either find a church in Raleigh by myself or drive to Durham to go to a church where I actually know some peeps (plus, the pastor there is amazing and I always get a lot out of his sermons). I rarely went to church pre-baby, so this one will likely be tough. I need to remind myself what my priorities are. "You are where you want to be" is one of my personal truths, so I need to stop making excuses.

Side note: I just went to my church's website to listen to last week's sermon while writing this blog post, and I saw that the current series is called "Why Bother with Church? Discover God's Purpose for Church in Your Life." If that's not a sign....LOL!

2. Create a schedule for laundry & maintenance cleaning

We're using Molly Maids again, but I will still need to do some cleaning in between their visits. Also, I want to get out of my habit of saving laundry for Sundays. Between towels, sheets, regular clothes, delicate clothes, and whites, I spend an entire day washing and folding.

3. Go on a date once a month...with Brian, of course ;-)

I first thought that Brian and I could alternate planning a date each month, even if it was something incredibly simple and un-creative, such as going to a movie. But then on second thought, I realized I just needed to plan it myself each month. If there's something I've learned from my 7 years of dating him, I will be setting myself up for disappointment if I expect him to plan something and then he doesn't meet my expectations.

4. Plan something with friends once a month

Once a month sounds so doable, but in reality it's kinda tough. It's hard coordinating schedules when everyone lives such busy lives. Luckily I had a coffee date with my bestie last week and I also planned a margarita & Mexican night with friends last Saturday. January mission accomplished!

5. Complete my Learning & Development certification at Duke

If you complete a certain number of Learning & Development classes, you can receive a certificate in leadership, supervisory skills, etc. I started working last year on a certificate, so I think I can finish that up by the end of this year if I take a few more classes.

6. Monthly sister dinners once/month

My sister and I started this last summer, and we've been able to stick with it most months!

7. Complete 10 site visits with Pippa 

Pippa and I are doing "Love on a Leash" pet therapy and she needs 10 supervised site visits this year.

8. Attend Articles Club each month

I love this!  A group of girls gets together each month to discuss articles centered around a certain theme. It's a little easier than a book club, since you can quickly read the articles before our monthly discussion. I still hope to read several books this year, but I love the articles concept.

9. Go to two gym classes a week

Oh man, this will be tough. They have childcare at certain times during the week, so it will involve some additional planning on my part. I can't imagine that I will be able to get to the gym in the evenings during the weekdays, so this may be a weekend goal.

10. Take care of myself

Get my hair done regularly. Spend  day at the Umstead Spa. Have evenings where I cook for myself, listen to music, and have a glass of wine. I need my alone time every now and then.

All ten goals are basically just making time for the things I want to do anyways during the year. With some careful planning, it shouldn't be too hard. :-)