Fifty Shades of Brown

I really like the color brown, especially when it comes to decorating our house.

I bought a new rug for our kid's room, and Brian noted that it looks exactly like the brown fur blanket on our bed.

Um....yeah. I stick with what I like.

Brown everything.

Our back bedroom has been mostly storage since we moved in this house three years ago, but we tackled it this weekend and cleaned it up a bit. It was my Sunday project.

Here's what we started with:
(Not pictured: a very messy closet)

Those boxes in the floor are car parts for Brian's Mustang that he bought but never used.

When I asked him if he was going to use the parts or sell them, he said if he sold the parts he might as well just sell the whole car and buy a Porsche.

Luckily we had two additional volunteers that wanted to help us clean the bedroom:

Their main jobs were to smell, taste, and destroy, as needed.

So basically they were not needed. ;-)

We cleared out the room except for the big pieces of furniture. We still need to assemble the crib, but other than that, I'm not really doing much for that room. There's a chair, there's a dresser, there's a rug, and there will soon be a crib.

This is not going to be some Pinterest-worthy nursery, but I don't think our son is going to care.

He's going to have two awesome, toy-stealing dogs instead.

All you need in life is love and bulldogs.