My Adventures in Quest Bars and Shakeology

There's nothing quite like having your kitchen demolished to make you realize how much you rely on your kitchen.

Moving on.

What do you all do for diet & fitness?

When it comes to dieting, I do nothing. When it comes to fitness, I do....nothing! I have run the occasional 5K, so maybe that counts. 

I keep thinking about eating healthier and getting in better shape.  

I recently tried Quest protein bars. I bough the sample box for about $30. They had such great reviews and are supposedly the best protein bar on the market.

The verdict?
Disgusting! I seriously could not get through one bar. I tried a few bites, then gave them all away. The little bit I did eat sat like a brick in my stomach. I was so disappointed.

I told my friend Kat about my bad Quest bar experience and told her that my goal was to add healthy calories and protein to my diet, but it needed to be convenient because I'm at work all day. Since she is a Beachbody coach, she was kind enough to let me try Shakeology for free (all four flavors).

The verdict?
I really liked it...until I saw the price tag. Oh my goodness - it is EXPENSIVE! I don't think I can justify the cost ($130/month!!!), but I have been reading a lot to research all of the Shakeology health claims and find some less-expensive alternatives. I actually did feel better after drinking it, so maybe it lives up to the hype. 


  1. I can't bring myself to pay for Shakeology either! I always find myself hating the healthy granola bars. We recently tried Lara Bars. For some reason, I bought them at Costco for our first try...aka a lot of them in one box. They are edible, but not my favorite. I can handle the peanut butter and cashew flavors, but the blueberry flavor I literally spit in the trash. We will finish them because they were too much to throw away. Let me know if you come across anything good! :)


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