Countdown to Florida

It's usually in February when I start daydreaming about our Florida vacation. So that's what I'm doing today - daydreaming about Florida.

We've been snowed-in and powered-out this week in Raleigh.  We've had enough of winter.

If you've been reading my blog over the years, you know we go to the Keys every spring, either March or April. I think I prefer April because the weather is guaranteed to be HOT! March is kinda hit or miss.

I had been checking flight prices for the past few weeks, so once the price finally dropped below $150, I bought our tickets. It's hard to justify going anywhere like Cancun or on a Caribbean cruise when we can go to the Keys for relatively cheap.

We look so much younger here in 2010! 
Can you tell Brian and I are warm weather people?
We are happiest in the sun. We should probably move to the tropics. :)

Here's my Florida Keys Vacation Guide if you're interested: FL Keys Vacation Guide. It needs updating, since that was a blog post from 2013.

This year I've got so many new ideas for restaurants, bars, and activities. I cannot wait for our trip! One of our friends from Raleigh, Brandon, is coming down to FL with us this year, which will make it even more fun! It will be nice having a buffer, you know, since I start driving Brian crazy about 10 minutes into any trip. ;-)

When you go on vacation, do you like to relax on the beach or have a full schedule of things to do?

Brian is OK with laying on the beach for about an hour, then he gets bored.

I love planning vacations, but I always struggle finding a balance on exactly how much to plan versus just being spontaneous. All of our past trips to the Keys have been spontaneous, but I think this year I am going to have a better idea of the things I want to do each day.

I definitely want to try Florida Keys Jetpacks.

It looks a bit terrifying, but who could say no to this?!

I'll report back and let you know how it goes, given that I don't die. :)