Chips or a Drink

In honor of Valentine's Day next weekend, I figured I'd dedicate this week's blog posts to my valentine.

Here's a picture of us in a heart:

Today's blog post is one of my all-time favorite Brian stories.

Early in our relationship, Brian and I were on our way to a saltwater aquarium expo.

I feel like I need to pause here and explain.

Brian has several hobbies: cars, pool, guns, sound systems/home theater/electronic gadgets, and saltwater aquariums.

Yes. They're all as expensive as they sound.

But, believe it or not, with the exception of his ridiculously expensive hobbies, Brian is THE CHEAPEST PERSON I'VE EVER MET.

So, we're on our way to the expo and we stop for lunch at Subway.

Brian orders first.
He gets a $5 footlong.

When it's my turn to order, I politely ask for the six-inch Chicken Teriyaki on Italian Herb & Cheese, unprepared for the reaction I'm going to get from Brian....

"Why aren't you getting a $5 footlong?"

(Completely caught off guard, my eyes are darting between Brian, the Subway employee, and the list of $5 footlong options. The Chicken Teriyaki is not a $5 option. )

"Um.....I want the six-inch Chicken Teriyaki."

So this is Brian:

We continue through the line and when Brian's at the register paying, the cashier looks at me and says...

"Ma'am, would you like to make yours a combo?"

And I'm like:

And then Brian says the infamous line he will never live down for the rest of his life:

"Kelly, chips or a drink."