So Many New Outfits. It Would Be A Sin Not To Show Them To You.

I have an amazing new work wardrobe thanks to my mother and mother-in-law, who both purchased me some amazing new outfits for my birthday! Yay!

You may recall that I've been doing the Contentment Challenge, which means I am not supposed to be buying anything other than groceries or gas for three months. Well, that plan has been tossed to the wind. So long, Contentment Challenge.

My new wardrobe comes from the following stores: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and The Limited.

Depending on your budget, these stores may seem somewhat pricey, but Banana Republic was having a one day sale (40% off entire purchase), and Ann Taylor had a whopping 20% off entire purchase discount for students (my student ID does not expire until like 2025). The Limited had a 15% off entire purchase sale, along with a 30% discount for The Limited card members. Even if there aren't any advertised sales, I would encourage you to ask about any special offers or coupons. We saved over $200 in one store just because Brian's mom asked about what discount they could give us. Also, always Google coupons or coupon codes before you shop. Most stores will honor anything these days.

Ok, here's today's outfit, along with a list of reasons I love it:

First of all, I have Brian's mom to thank for this outfit. Barbara has great taste in clothing, and she's really great at turning a few good pieces into a hundred different outfits. She's a personal shopper, so she's obviously well-versed in fashion.

Secondly, the compression sleeve on my arm is not part of the look. I slipped and fell outside of Kanki on Saturday night and injured my arm. I hadn't been drinking. I wasn't wearing heels. I was just walking along and then the next second I'm lying on the ground wondering what the heck happened.

Thirdly, I was in my storage closet at work when I took this picture. LOL! I don't own a full length mirror, but it's probably time I break down and buy one. I'm tired of standing on toilets.

I love this outfit for these reasons:

#1. I have a very straight figure and no curves, but the peplum style top gives the illusion of a more desirable pear-shaped look. I think this style is truly flattering for all shapes and sizes.

#2. The skirt is the perfect length for work. I never like to wear anything that makes me feel the slightest bit self-conscious. My personal safe-rule is that if I'm questioning whether or  not my outfit is work-appropriate, then my best bet is to not wear it.

#3. I'm so glad we found this gold belt at The Limited. The outfit would still look great without it (the Banana Republic top has good stitching lines that enhance the detail), but the belt definitely ties it all together. Also, the belt pretty much works with most of the outfits I purchased.


  1. Four Things:

    1. My first comment was going to be about the Contentment Challenge...then I read the second paragraph. :) Love you for that.

    2. This outfit looks great!

    3. You falling...hilarious...I'm glad you're okay though. :)

    4. We need to hang out soon.


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