What Worked For Me in 2012

I made a list of the things that worked and didn't work for me in 2012. I'm using it as a way to help in deciding what changes I need to make in the coming year. I got this idea from Lara Casey's blog. I don't know Lara Casey from Adam's house cat, but she writes a pretty inspiring blog.

So here it goes....

What Worked For Me in 2012

Less shopping
I bought a lot less stuff this year. I definitely cut back on the clothes and the random trips to Target, etc.

Saving Money
I was able to save $12,000 in a little over three months, which really helped when it came time to go under contract for our new house. Granted, I was fortunate enough to have no debt, no bills, and very few expenses during this time. Having saved this sum of money helped me feel like I was contributing to the purchase of our house, even though it was a very small amount in the grand scheme of things.

Taking Lots of Pictures
I can thank Otis for this one. I took a lot of pictures this year!

Colby and Otis
This combination works. While I was worried that Colby wouldn't like Otis at first, they actually get along beautifully. They play pretty rough, but they manage to tire each other out. It's a win-win situation because it exhausts all of their energy and they get to have a lot of fun together. I want to make a better effort of taking Otis over to my parents' house during the week to play with Colby.

No Cable
Brian and I don't watch TV. It's wonderful. It works for us.

"K Love" Christian Music radio
I started listening to Christian music on the radio after my sister mentioned that it helped her to start her mornings out on the right foot. I was sure that I would despise Christian music, but I figured I would try it one morning and see what I thought.
I now listen to it 90% of the time when I am driving. It has truly made a positive difference in my life.

Trips with Brian
Wilmington, Asheville, Annapolis, Florida, Vegas.... I love the time we can spend together.

Not Stressing about Imperfections
For the first couple years we dated, I wanted Brian to think I was a perfect housewife (errr...house girlfriend?) A perfectly clean house, perfectly prepared meals, a perfectly polished image....

I'll never forget one of the first nights I ever slept over at Brian's condo. He probably doesn't remember this, but when he went to work the next morning I stayed at his place and did all of his laundry. He got home at lunchtime while I was folding his clean clothes.
The first words out of his mouth were "Are you trying to impress me?"
I smiled at him and said, "Is it working?"

Looking back, that may be the moment he subconsciously decided I was a keeper. ;-)

Well, low and behold, I've given up on being perfect.

For example, we had friends over for dinner last week. I scrambled through the fridge about an hour before they came over to see what I had for them to eat. The house was a  mess, and we didn't have any beer or wine for them to drink (they had to bring their own).Well you know what? We had a great time regardless! It may not have been a very impressive meal, but it was perfectly imperfect and we enjoyed great company.

Here's to not being perfect in 2013....