Crazy Holidays

I took today off of work. Yay! It was truly needed.

I originally intended for this to be a day of Christmas shopping, but right now there is a painter painting the house, a plumber on the way over, and a load of laundry in the washer.

These past couple weeks have been slammed busy for Brian and me. Christmas parties and events literally every night this week, and a billion other things going on. It's been chaotic!

I thought I might miss out on the Christmas Spirit this year, since I am not going to decorate AT ALL and I have yet to wrap a single present, but I actually feel pretty excited about the holidays.

Here's a random Otis picture:

Lately, I feel a little bad for Brian because Otis clearly has a favorite. :-) It must be all those peanut butter treats I make for him!

Here's Otis laying by my feet last night as I was getting ready for Brian's work party:

That dog never leaves my side!!!

This will be a busy weekend. Lots of cooking, baking, eating, and partying!

The plumber is now here, so I gotta run...More updates soon!