Burlap Table Runner

Sorry to bore you with another blog post about my house decor, but lately it's been my main focus.

Brian and I wanted a table runner for our dining room. When we first moved into the house, there was a piece of leftover fabric from the original dining room chairs laying on the table. For the past few weeks, this fabric scrap has been our table runner:

I searched high and low for a table runner, but had no luck. Our table is over 9ft, which made it difficult to find a runner that would be long enough. Pottery Barn, Pier 1, World Market, Amazon, etc. only had table runners up to 7ft long.

I found a few runners for sale that were over 120" but they were also over $100.

My favorite runners were the burlap ones that I saw on Etsy. Instead of paying $58 for a burlap table runner, I paid $60 for an entire bundle of burlap (30 yards) at the fabric store. I now have more burlap than I could ever need!!

Brian and I made the table runner yesterday afternoon and it was fairly simple. It was just a matter of cutting the fabric and then pulling out some additional strands to fray the edges.

Take a look at the outcome:

Right now I have a Christmas centerpiece, but I'll soon have to figure out a different arrangement. I've had a lot of ideas, but have not yet finalized my plans. Luckily, the dining room is going to be painted on Friday, so no more of that pinkish-orange color!

Let me know what you think of the burlap table runner. I was a little bit nervous making my own, but it definitely beats spending a ton of money.

By the way, this project is twofold.

Not only did I make a new table runner, I also made Otis a new dog bed. Burlap dog beds are so easy to make. You just throw a piece of burlap onto the floor and then you're done.

 Otis loved it.