Tuesday (October 30th)- 3 more days

As it turns out, I have a really sneaky friend. I posted my Monday blog thinking that nobody would ever know about this new blog site. Well, low and behold, one of my friends found it and now knows that I am getting married!

Whoops. So much for being secretive. :-)

Today I want to write about our non-engagement.

When Brian and I discussed getting married, I was straight forward in telling him the following:
#1 - I want to get married.
#2 - I don't want an engagement ring. I wanted a single gold wedding band. End of story.
#3 - Let's just pay twenty bucks and go to a courthouse. Can you be ready in ten minutes?

Once I got those three things out of the way, Brian was probably in a state of confusion (or possibly a state of immense joy seeing as how I had just said I don't want a diamond).

So we discussed getting married, and I started Googling how to go about a courthouse wedding.

Well, Brian and I both work all day and could not go to the courthouse between the designated marriage hours (10:30-12pm Monday - Friday). Our only other option was to perform the ceremony on a Saturday and get married at the Wake County Detention Center.

I may be laid back and carefree about this wedding, but if "married in a detention center" doesn't read "terrible idea", I don't know what does.

So I decided we should go somewhere out of town and have a private ceremony.

Autumn is beautiful in North Carolina and we both love the mountains, so I chose Asheville. I picked an officiant who claimed he would perform my ceremony for $500 bucks, but three weeks before the wedding he wasn't answering my emails or phone calls, so I had to ditch that plan. Luckily I hadn't paid this guy up front.

I called up Sleepy Hollow Inn and asked if they could plan a wedding ceremony for me.

Conversation as follows:

"When  is your wedding?"
"Um...two weeks away."
"What exactly do you have in mind?"
"Um...it's whatever."
"Can you send us a check tomorrow?"

And that was that.

The hardest part about this whole thing is not understanding what to do in regards to announcements, parties, etc. With traditional weddings, it's pretty much understood what goes along with the whole process. With elopements, it's completely unscripted. I'm not really sure what people expect from me other than a name change on Facebook, but that seems like a somewhat shallow announcement. Shallow...yet easy. So that's what I will likely do. :-)

Telling Brian's parents was the hardest part. I think my parents have known for quite a while that I would never go a traditional route, so for them this did not come as a shock. Brian's mom, of course, would have preferred to see her son get married, so that is a downside about this whole thing. I think both of our parents know how much they mean to us, and they know that our wedding preference never intended to hurt their feelings. Our families are the most important people in our lives, but our marriage is about the two of us.

I'm excited that this weekend is just about Brian and me as husband and wife. :-)