Our Wedding Photos. The Ones that Didn't Make it to Facebook.

A disc of our wedding photos arrived in the mail on Monday and I was extremely excited.

It was over 200 photos from the wedding.

You may have seen them on Facebook...The good ones.
The 10 good ones.

After seeing those Facebook photos, you were probably starting to think you might see Brian and me on People Magazine's Sexiest People of 2012 list.

(Wait, you weren't thinking that?)

Ok, well time for a reality check.....

Can I just say that I was THISCLOSE to posting only the really bad/awkward pictures on Facebook, along with a status that said something like "Our wedding pictures! So beautiful!!!" just to see the reactions.

Seriously, that would have been the best Facebook album ever.


  1. LOL Ben and I just really L-O-Led hahaha after this day at work we needed to these photos hhahahaha


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