Life Lately

Currently 33 weeks pregnant and suspect I have about a month to go before our baby girl's arrival! My official due date is 11/11/23 but my gut instinct is that she will be born around 38 weeks (same as Cam).  Either way, we'll find out soon enough!

I was fortunate to never have any nausea or morning sickness, so it's been a very easy and non-eventful pregnancy, but the third trimester has gotten tough. I don't look very big but I feel very heavy and there's so much pressure when I walk. With Cam, I felt like I could have been pregnant forever and been fine with it. This baby...not so much. I guess it's just extra reassurance that we are done after two kids. :)

An update on my fall bucket list: I have stayed super busy and checked off so many things!

Last weekend we made it to the beach with the Murray crew for one of my favorite trips of the year. 

Kat's dad's house is the absolute perfect location near Barefoot Landing with so much to do, great restaurants, a golf cart ride away from the beach, and a pool in his backyard. We always love this quick, casual weekend trip to the beach! The weather was perfection, we had a great beach day, the kids rode bikes around the neighborhood, and we all had so much fun hanging out.

The 1,000 piece fall puzzle is complete! Cam has gotten really good at helping with these. He and I completed about 40% of the puzzle over the course of a few days and then - in typical Brian fashion - Brian got hooked on it one evening and finished the other 60% in about two hours! 

I made the Pumpkin Crumb Cake muffins and although mine didn't look much like the picture on the website, they were amazing! One of the best muffins I have ever made. They were a huge hit amongst my co-workers and I had several comments or e-mails about them, so I highly recommend.

The closet/nursery renovation continues to be ongoing and has taken two weeks longer than expected. I thought this project would take 1-2 days instead of 1-2 weeks, but the end is in sight!

In one of my more embarrassing moments, a few months ago Brian was at work and texting his friend Chris to ask him about helping with the closet renovation. Chris requested pictures of the closet so he could see what he would be working with so Brian told me to send some pictures.

Here is what I sent to Brian to send to Chris:

I'm pretty sure the response from Brian was something along the lines of "wow, I'm not sending him that." LOL!

So then I told Brian I would clean everything out and send a new picture of the empty closet, which I did, and here's what the room looked like in the aftermath.

But, least the closet was now clean! 

So that's what we were starting with! I am excited to see the end result (hopefully) very soon!