Life Update

Not sure how I still get so many page views each day considering I never blog, but I am happy I still have people stopping by the blog for updates. Maybe it's all auto bots that visit my site, but if you are a real person, I'm glad you're here and still checking regularly! 

I posted about dealing with 3.5 years of infertility back in January, and SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to God to share that my prayer was answered. I found out I was pregnant on March 1, 2023. In my years of trying since 2019, I had never once seen a positive pregnancy test until that day. It was a very faint line and I wasn't too sure it was even real, but it was an unbelievably happy moment. 

                                 Currently 5 months pregnant with our daughter (June 2023)

Brian had to go out of town for work that day (I think to Greensboro) and got home mid-afternoon. I remember walking into his office when he got home (I had been working from home that day) and I told him I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. He just looked at me calmly and said "OK." I tested again the next morning and told him I got another faint line and he said "OK." Then the third day I tested again and there was a pretty solid line, so I showed him and he said "OK."  By the fourth day I went to the doctor for a blood test and it was confirmed. I texted Brian immediately when the results came through my MyChart and he texted back "OK"...then a few seconds later..."I am very excited."  :)

I cannot explain the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and relief I immediately felt upon getting confirmation that we had created another child. I knew so deeply in my heart that we were waiting on one more and when she didn't exist I felt so much sadness and depression that something was missing. It's not that I didn't have moments of joy these past few years -- 2020 was an especially great year spending a lot of one-on-one time with Cam and overall my relationship to Brian has probably been the best it's ever been in the 15 years we've been together. But I am so thankful to know with complete confidence that our family is complete; the feeling that something was missing completely went away. God has given me an overwhelming amount of peace this entire pregnancy. I have not had any worry, concerns, health scares, sickness, or doubt. God's timing is perfect even given the unplanned 8 year age gap between our two children. 

On a separate note, my boss left for a different job at the beginning of February, so I'm going on five months with no boss. They expect a new CFO to be hired in the next couple of months. In the meantime, I have been busier than ever at work. We are integrating our private physician practice into Duke Health (July 1 is the go-live!), so I've been working on a contracting team since February transitioning current physician contracts and drafting contracts for new-hire physicians. It has been a learning experience and kept me extremely busy, but I would probably be much more bored without this new task.

I'm still making cookies when I can, going to Articles Club each month, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the pool every weekend. I'll soon start a Canine Good Citizen dog class with Sasha on Saturdays to help with her training. :)

                                Cookies I made for our June Articles Club Fiesta theme

I also started unsuccessfully attempting to make bread each weekend. Literally tried and failed multiple times this winter with various white bread recipes. I have now moved on to (unsuccessfully) making my Grandma's sourdough bread. With lots of troubleshooting help from my sister, I'm hoping the third time will be the charm when I bake it tomorrow. 

                            This is the best I've gotten but I am determined to get a better rise!

Last update is that I have paused my Peloton subscription for three months. We had new carpet and doors installed in the basement in February, so I couldn't use it in the basement for about a month. In March I was worried about a large ovarian cyst (more to that story later, but likely the reason I was able to conceive since my estrogen levels sky rocketed!) and then I just got out of the exercise habit the past couple of months. So I won't meet my 2023 goal of a hundred rides this year, but I hope to pick it back up this fall.

That's all for now. Next post will be some house updates! Stay tuned.

                                             Random Otis pic because he's our special boy :)