Articles Club Beach Weekend

Articles Club is one of my favorite nights of the month! Twelve of us girls get together the second Tuesday of the month for an evening of dinner and discussion. We rotate who selects the articles and we all sign up to bring a food dish. 

Of the twelve of us, four of us are original OG Articles Club members going all the way back to 2015! The remaining eight were steadily added and it's been the same group since around 2017. 

We've had many years to dive deep and get to know one another on a more personal level. We share so much of our lives - the highs, the lows, and everything in between. We have enough in common to make the group dynamics work very well, but each person brings a unique personality to the mix.

We have an ongoing group text thread (pretty much daily texting) and share anything from good Costco purchases, family pictures, or random things from the day.

I also think it helps that we're an unintentionally faith-based group of friends. Usually our faith somehow gets intertwined into most discussions. We are a praying bunch and do not hesitate to pray for one another on a regular basis.

Last year we decided to plan our first annual beach retreat for this month! We each paired off into a committee: Food, Beverage, Logistics, Surprise & Swag, and Activities. I was on Logistics, of course, because planning trips is my forte.

It should also be noted that "Articles Club" has gradually morphed into "Articles Clurb"..."Clurb"... "AC"...or "Camp Clurb".....

Camp Clurb retreat was held in Oak Island and we stayed in a huge oceanfront house. Minus the day we were leaving, the weather was cold but sunny! 

We lounged around in the mornings over breakfast and coffee.  We saw lots of dolphins! We went on beach walks, played games, had a murder mystery, toga party, PowerPoint night, and craft afternoon.  It was so much fun!  

I think the best part of the weekend was the conversation. Usually on a Tuesday night we try to wrap up Articles Club around 10ish, but we end up cutting the conversation short. This weekend was great in the sense that we got to talk for three days.

What a treat it is to have this group of friends. :)