2016 Goals Revisited

I hope 2017 will be a great year for everyone! I will turn 30 in May, so that's a big milestone. For the past few weeks I've been thinking about what I hope for next year and what big goals I want to achieve. 

I think I just want to keep things simple for the coming year. I'll work on finalizing my goals and post them later in the week.

My only goal for January is to wake up early (5:30am), have a cup of coffee, and read the Bible/pray before I start the day.

It was raining this morning and I didn't want to get out of bed, so I'm off to a pretty bad start.

Here's how I fared with my 2016 goals, just in case you're wondering:

1. Attend church on Sundays - YES!

2. Create a schedule for laundry & maintenance cleaning - YES! No defined schedule, but I do a load of laundry practically every day, so that's a success in my book. 
3. Go on a date once a month with Brian - Eh, maybe? We went on a few I think.
4. Plan something with friends once a month - YES!
5. Complete my L&OD Certificate of Excellence at Duke - NO, but I'm only three classes away from completing this, so I can probably finish it this year.
6. Monthly sister dinners once/month- NO. This did not happen at all this year. I think we should try quarterly instead.
7. Complete 10 site visits with Pippa - YES!
8. Attend Articles Club each month - YES!
9. Go to two gym classes a week - LOL!
10. Take care of myself - YES! Well, minus going to the gym. I kept up with my hair appointments, had a spa day, and relaxed with a glass of wine almost every night after work. :)