A Little Tribute to the Fathers of my Babies

To the fathers of Otis and Pippa: Thank you for passing along your good-looking genes. Otis and Pippa are my heart and soul. I owe you big time.

To the father of Cam: Thank you for passing along your good-looking genes. Cam is my whole world. I owe you big time.

My Favorite Fatherhood Moment So Far
Brian is not the most overly affectionate and loving person, so sweet moments are hard to come by, but there was a moment a couple weeks ago that stood out to me. 

I got out of the shower that night and noticed the baby monitor was missing; it's usually plugged in right next to my side of the bed on the nightstand. Brian and I had been irritated with each other that night and I wasn't in the greatest mood, so I was annoyed that the monitor was missing as I got into bed. When I got back up to go search for the monitor, I walked out of our bedroom to find Brian asleep on the couch. The baby monitor was sitting on his chest, just inches from his face, and he had fallen asleep watching Cam sleeping. 

It may not seem like anything special, but sometimes those are the best kind of moments.