Outdoor Patio Set

Our Canine Good Citizens destroyed our previous patio set, as evidenced in this picture here:

It was a fairly old set that we had back at the condo, so we weren't too heartbroken over replacing it.

Brian spent a lot of time searching Craigslist for the perfect outdoor dining set, and his patience paid off! He specifically wanted a bar height table and chairs, so it narrowed our options quite a bit.

Here's the "new" set that we got from Craigslist last week:

This set bought new from Crate & Barrel is over $700!!!! Sheesh. We spent about a quarter of that.

With the previous set, you'd sit about eye level with the top railing. I prefer this set because I can see out into the woods much better -  there is so much to see in our woods!!!! You name it and we've probably seen it.

Now that the weather is warm, I can have my evening ritual of relaxing on the deck with a drink after work. I love observing the wildlife.

Last year I cut back on my wine consumption (I was falling asleep at 8 PM!), so I've substituted wine for seltzer water. I like to buy the lemon-lime flavor, add some ice, a splash of cranberry juice, and a fresh lime.

A refreshing little treat. :-)