Mocha Friggin' Frappuccinos

Have y'all seen those "Things Couples Fight About" videos making the rounds on social media?

People enjoy relating to other couple's arguments because...well...they can relate.

So here's one for you that just occurred last night and I'd be willing to bet money that you've had a similar conversation in your home.

Brian opens fridge and sees Starbucks Mocha Frappuccinos.

Brian: Why did you buy these Starbucks Mocha Frappuccinos?

Kelly: Because I like iced coffee and I've been taking them to work.

Brian: Can't you get iced coffee for free at work?

Kelly: No.

Brian: Do you have coffee in your break room?

Kelly: Yes.

Brian: Do you have ice in your break room?

Kelly: Yes.

Brian: Free iced coffee.

Kelly: You know what? I guess you're right. I could pour hot coffee onto ice and drink watered down, lukewarm coffee OR I could wait until an old pot of coffee gets cold and then I could pour not-fresh, old coffee onto ice cubes for free. I mean, seriously, which would you rather have? The frappuccino or the free break room iced coffee?

Brian: The free break room iced coffee.


I'll end it there because the sad thing is that this conversation actually led to a LEGITIMATE FIGHT!

Mocha friggin' frappuccinos.

I guess marriage is all about sacrifice. :-)