Before and After: The Mantel

If you ever read my 101 in 1001 list, you may remember that a Longhorn steer head was on my wish list.

It all started when Brian and I were at the flea market one Saturday morning last Spring. There was a lady selling cowhide rugs, and she had a steer head mounted above her booth. We asked her if she'd be willing to sell it and for how much, and she told us she would part with it for $2,000 cash. We didn't end up buying it from her that day, but we never stopped thinking about that cow.

Well, patience pays off.

Brian came across a Craigslist posting for a much cheaper and much prettier Longhorn. We drove up to Virginia in December and bought our new cow!

Legend has it that this cow was the meanest bull on the farm, so they had no choice but to kill him. He's 36 years old according to the family we bought him from.

I love our cow and I love the character it adds to our home.

I was looking through all my photos today, which made me realize how much different our house looks now than it did one year ago! It's come a long way.