Women on Target

I'm finally getting back into the groove of things after a busy few days.

Brian and I had a wonderful trip to the Outerbanks. We mostly relaxed at the house and spent time with friends and family. We completed a 1,000 piece puzzle, which occupied quite a bit of our time! Otis got to play in the ocean. Brian and I kayaked at sunset. It was a nice escape from reality.

Walking Otis to the beach 


I think Otis is still recovering. He's been asleep for the past four days. 

It seems like we've been going non-stop ever since we got home! Brian is working on building a carport, so that project is now underway. On Sunday, I took an NRA first steps pistol course "Women on Target" at Wake County Firearms Training Center. It was my first time shooting and going to a range.

It was a great experience! 

I'm sure I could have gone to the range with Brian and he would have taught me everything, but I think it was better to have the in-depth course with female instructors. I don't think Brian would have been very patient with me. :-)

I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with guns now. I had ZERO knowledge prior to this course. Beforehand, if we ever had an intruder in our house, I would never have even considered self-defense. 

The class also helped get rid of my extreme fear of guns. Our instructor equated firearms to automobiles - it's good to have a healthy fear, since both have the potential to be deadly weapons. It all depends on being safe and responsible. :-)

We shot at about 20 yards. I shot a .22 caliber and a 9mm semi-automatic.

I think I need more practice!