Extreme Home Makeover: Master Bedroom Edition

Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE our master bedroom, but it took me a while to warm up to it. When we were contemplating whether or not we wanted to put an offer on this house (a decision that took about 0.002 seconds), the master bedroom was my #1 complaint.

It is so friggin' small.

A few weeks prior to finding our current house, we toured a different house that was for sale and its master bedroom had completely won me over.

The master bedroom in that house was un-be-lievable. For starters, it was enormous. The master bath alone was bigger than our current bedroom. It had a second-story porch attached to the bedroom, complete with french doors. It had an area devoted to a workout space/home office and the walk-in closets were out of this world. It was a bedroom fit for a queen. I was having visions of bubble baths in the jacuzzi tub, coffee on the bedroom porch, and shopping sprees to fill my gigantic closets.

As much as I loved that bedroom, the house was relatively new construction in a cookie-cutter neighborhood with only about 0.2 acres. Brian and I just didn't have a peace about that house and we knew that it wasn't for us.

But I kept thinking about that bedroom.

And then we bought our current house, which has a master bedroom fit for a person who likes really small spaces.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.
In fact, I've grown to love the idea (and actuality) of having a small master bedroom.

It's cozy.
It only allows me to keep a minimal amount of clothing on hand (which is good since I only wear about 10% of my wardrobe 90% of the time).
It's cozy.
We won't have to spend as much money on furniture since there's not much space.
It's cozy.

So, yeah. I've come to love it.

I'll give you the grand tour. Like every room in our entire house, it's still a work in progress.

From our living room, you enter into the master bedroom and there's a little entry hall. Bathroom to the left, window to the right. Mallard duck straight ahead.

To the left, to the left. It's where I use the bathroom in that room to the left.

Ok, here's the master bedroom.

Quite the view, eh?

Ok, here's everything wrong with the master bedroom.

Exposed dirty laundry?!

When we moved in, we did some furniture shopping the first few weeks, but we didn't find anything we felt like we had to have. We knew we'd be better off waiting instead of making a hasty, expensive decision.

By the way, here's my dream bedroom on the Pottery Barn website:

I think it would look perfect and I've already got the faux fur throw and pillows; however, one of the main problems we've encountered is trying to design and decorate a master bedroom that is Otis-proof.

The white duvet will not work.
Anything over $100 will not work.

Otis has currently chewed and peeed on our current quilt.
Peed or peeed? Not sure. Past tense of pee.

Basically, anything we buy is at risk of being destroyed.

We've got our work cut out for us, and I've decided to tackle this as my next project.

I drew up my floor plan last night.

Brian was quick to point out two things:
#1. There are no measurements.
#2. The drawing sucks.

#1. I prefer not to be confined by measurements.
#2. I can't outshine you in everything.


Alright, stay tuned for the progress report....