Current Events

Exhausting weekend!

Friday night we had some friends come over to celebrate Brian's birthday. I made Barefoot Contessa's Caramelized Bacon for appetizers and also used her recipe for Whiskey Sours. Everyone who came to the party can thank me for a five pound weight gain this weekend. ;-)

On Saturday, I ran a 5k with my mom. A friend of ours at church has a son battling Sarcoma, so we both ran for "Team Andrew C." Although I had to wake up at 6:45am after a night of partying, I'm really thankful I got to participate in the event. It was a humbling experience to be there and witness all of the Sarcoma patients and survivors running alongside us.

Brian found some artwork on Craigslist last week to place above our mantle.

It's not that I don't like it, per say. I just find it a little creepy. Very Tim Burton-ish. And it brings back vivid memories of this:

Scary scenes from the Jungle Book.

I also bought a piece of artwork for our guest bathroom.

The image is on a piece of wood, but made to look like a framed picture. I just love it. Purchased from Pawmazing Gifts on Etsy.

Saturday night we had a cookout with friends and family to celebrate our marriage (i.e. celebrate six months of marriage). We had a lot of fun and got so many great gifts. It was so thoughtful of everyone to do a party for us.

I've been gradually putting away all of our new gifts, but this one is still sitting on the kitchen counter:

Adorable, right? 

Okay, I have nothing planned for this week. I think I will be depressed because I'm about ten pages away from finishing Gillian Flynn's "Dark Places."

I've been so emotionally invested in this book. I'll be sad when it ends.