Quick Hello

Brian and I got back from our Florida vacation on Tuesday. Ever since we got back, I've been super busy at work. Otis got neutered on Thursday and he's been recovering. This weekend had a lot going on as well - two birthday parties, a bridal shower for a friend, and lots of catching up to do on laundry.

It turned out to be a rainy and cold weekend. I am so ready for the warm weather!!! I'm sure the sun that I got in Florida will fade soon and I'll be back to my pale self.

Good news - the new blog design is coming along nicely. I think it would be going much quicker had I not been so busy these past few weeks. I'm so excited because I love the new look! 

I have a lot to blog about this week, fingers crossed I have time. 

I've got to read a lot for book club tonight and will be watching some basketball I hope.
GO DUKE!!!! Praying they will win tonight and be one step closer to the championship game.

I'll leave you with an Otis picture: