Brian and the One Weekend We Didn't Go to Sharky's

We started dating July '09.
He took me to Sharky's, I shrugged, "this is fine."
So I sat with my beer, I inhaled lots of smoke.
2am passed. "Now this must be a joke."

Week after week, I watched lots of pool.
I tried playing once. Brian said "uh, not cool."
I was quite pathetic and I looked silly tryin'.
I gave up quick - didn't want to start cryin'.

It soon became pointless to ask "what's the plan?"
" 'Cause Sharky's is cheap at 2 dollars per can."
"I don't shoot pool. I'm not having fun."
"Well, it's going out of business anyways, hun!"

Three years later, the bar hasn't died.
In fact, I'd argue it's even revived.
New owners came in and they brought it new life.
For me and Brian, that just meant more strife.

"Sharky's", "Sharks", sometimes it's "the Tank."
We're there every weekend - take that to the bank.
All the same faces are there every night.
Same guy to my left, same girl to my right.

But I will admit that it's not all that bad.
Lots of fun times I remember I've had.
Talking to friends and drinking a beer,
I just don't want go every day of the year.

Exaggerating - yes - it's just what I do.
But here is a story I swear that is true:
One time I said "I'll just wait in the car."
(There was no good place to sleep in that bar).

I thought to myself  "he won't be long."
But let me tell ya, boy was I wrong!
Four hours later, I opened my eyes.
It was 4am, to my surprise.

I was cold and stiff, still out in the car.
Was Brian still shooting pool in the bar?
Well, yes. In fact, he was still in that place.
And  you shoulda seen the look on my face!

I'm guessing I know what you're dying to say,
"If you don't like Sharky's, why not stay away?"
I've never been dragged. No, not even a shove.
I do it - simply - 'cause I am in love.

(I'm in love with Brian, not Sharky's. Just to be clear on that last line)

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

p.s. - This poem is not about a weekend that we didn't go to Sharky's Place, but I just let the words come to me and this is what was created. Or perhaps I just couldn't remember a weekend we didn't go to Sharky's.