Top Five Things I Love About Brian

Let me start by saying that this list could be much longer. It could almost be as long as the "Things that Annoy Me about Brian" list. Okay, kidding. But for time's sake and for reader's sake, I'm keeping it to Top Five. 

5. He's likeable.
There's a huge difference between loving and liking, and there's often times when relationships have the love, but are lacking the like. I like being around him, spending time with him, sitting at bars with him, laughing with him. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't like Brian. It's hard not to like someone who is quiet, humble, and kind. There's nobody in the world that I like more than him. 
4. He's consistent.
The same things that will frustrate him one day will certainly frustrate him the next day too. I've now got a pretty good grasp on the fact that I shouldn't bake a cake while he's anywhere near the kitchen, or sit an empty glass in the sink, or go tinkering with any technology-related thing in his house. I can appreciate consistency. 
3. He's passionate.
About his cars, his fish tanks, his pool game, his art work. He is the #1 reason behind my decision to go back to school, to attempt cake decorating, to start a book club, and to develop my writing. It's not just because I know I have his support, it's because he sets an example for me by the way he chooses to live.
2. He doesn't judge (me, or anyone else).
Not for eating three servings of dinner. Not for wanting ice cream after eating three servings of dinner. Not for opening the refrigerator to examine its contents after eating ice cream and three servings of dinner.
1. He is steadfast. 
You've probably heard it said--still waters run deep. Brian is a man of few words. He often seems unfazed by circumstances, news, gossip, my personal drama, etc. I constantly struggle not to view this trait as disinterest or apathy. Since I personally have strong reactions, it's hard for me to understand that some people don't. For me, everything is the end of the world. For Brian, nothing is the end of the world. It's taken me a long time to view this in a positive light. I often hate that I can't quite tell what he is thinking. Or hate that he doesn't share with me his every thought. Only recently have I realized that this trait can be admirable and I should be thankful to have such a strong, steady boyfriend. If we both shared my roller coaster of emotions, that would be one hell of a short ride. 

Other notable things I love (because I couldn't keep it to only five)
His hair. I love his hair. His curls that grow straight up.
He can be mischievous.
He's the worst speller in the world.
He puts up with me. At my worst.
He's saves my notes--the little messages and poems that I'll leave for him around the house. Even the ones that are as simple as "Tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day, Be sure to wear green! You're the most handsome man I've ever seen!" I love writing him those notes, but I love even more the fact that he saves them.
He'll read this blog post. And every blog post. And I love him for that.