Mountain Weekend, Maturity, and Testosterone Poisoning

Halloween Weekend/Laura's 30th Birthday Weekend was spent in the mountains of Boone, NC.

The weekend was full of fun, laughter, and surprising revelations (or maybe confirmations?).

Revelation #1 

Never doubt the ability of grown-ups to act like kids. And never doubt that throwing pumpkins off the cabin deck is perfectly good entertainment.

Revelation #2

As a science geek, I am well aware that men and women differ in their DNA by only a small percent, yet somehow the differences between men and women never cease to amaze me.

On Friday evening, the ladies sent the boys down the mountain to do the grocery shopping. That was our first mistake. And as you can probably predict, a second grocery store trip was needed on Saturday.

The one grocery item I specifically requested from Brian was cranberry juice. I wasn't quite in the mood for beer and tequila shots, so I figured it best I sip on some Cape Cods. As I was putting away the groceries, I became increasingly suspicious that no cranberry juice was purchased at the store. When I finally asked Brian if he had bought the juice, he replied "of course, honey" and picked up a 2-liter soda bottle and exclaimed "here it is!".

If you're like me and think that a Master's Degree is proof of intelligence, well, we both have been deceived.

The bottle read "Cranberry Dry" and below it read "Diet Cranberry Antioxidant Soda". And although the boys claimed that the cranberry juice was hard to find, I'm willing to bet that the Diet Cranberry Antioxidant Soda was damn near impossible.

How Brian returned with cranberry-flavored soda is beyond me.

But what's even worse...

As we were packing to go home and distributing the leftover grocery items among the couples, Brian reminds me to grab the Caesar salad croutons.

So I pondered out loud for a moment, wondering what croutons he was referring to...

"The bag of croutons I brought with us from home? They were all used last night so I threw it away."

In which he responds, "Oh, but I bought a new bag of croutons when we went to the grocery store that was never opened."

And then he grabs this off the counter top.....

All weekend I had been wondering who the heck bought the Snap Pea Crisps.


  1. Ah, the wonder of testosterone poisoning! Once you get past the frustration and incredulity, however, it does provide for some serious entertainment and laughter! We love our boys!!


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