Life Right Now

Since I rarely get to catch up with all my friends and update them on my life right is an update....

I quit BB&T in June to nanny for the Phillips kids this summer. My weeks have been spent poolside and driving those children EVERYWHERE! I love, love, love it! Although I definitely miss the bank, I am still technically a "zero-hour" teller, which means I can work when I want to or if they need an extra hand!

In August I start classes at UNC. I originally thought that I would go to Alamance Commmunity College to take my dental pre-requisites, but found out that it would be best if I took them at Carolina. Last week (very last minute) I went over to UNC to apply for THIS FALL semester. Luckily, everything went smoothly and I was accepted (again) to be a student in the Land of the....long sigh....Tarheels. I am both excited and anxious to be a student again!

So life is basically wonderful at the moment - happiness and health - really what more can you ask for? Colby is awesome and keeps me laughing. Brian and I have been dating a year now (most of you are probably as shocked as I am about that). I enjoy spending time with old friends, new friends and most importantly, my family. Back and forth between Raleigh and Durham most of the time, with an occasional trip to Mebane here and there.

Oh, and this is big news....
Stepped on the scale yesterday and weighed in the 120's! Woohoo! Okay, so 129.4 to be exact, but I can still be excited! I haven't seen numbers that low since sophomore year of college! I wish I could tell you I'm doing some miraculous diet, but I'm not. I just gave up caring about my weight, and that's when I started to lose the pounds! Funny how that works.

So if you're reading this, and wanna know more about my life right now, we can catch up over lunch or something...cause the Lord knows I love to talk about myself :-)