Up & Out

Today began the task of packing up and moving out.

I am in a much nicer mood today (note bitchy post below) and have been feeling very nostalgic. As you may already know, I absolutely hate change. This includes transitions--to a new house, to a new routine, to a new chapter of life. I'm already preparing myself for the emotional breakdown that may occur when I see my bedroom completely empty, the walls completely bare, and nothing but a few dust bunnies scattered on the floor. It will be devastating...this I know.

520 East Haggard Ave has been my home for two years now. I adore this place. Granted I have much more lasting memories, funny stories, and emotional attachment to M202 and apartment C302, but this townhouse feels the most like my Elon "home".

Leaving "the Bubble" is bittersweet. I'm definitely in need of a change of scenery and I am ready to put the all pain, regret, and suffering of these last four years behind me. But never in my life will I experience the freedom, security, and opportunity that college has provided me. And hardest of all, I will never again live only minutes away from my closest friends.

When I was packing up today, I put away most of my picture frames and took down everything on my walls. But I did leave one picture--a picture of me, Meg, and Rachel from sophomore year that is sitting on my nightstand. I wake up every morning to that picture and am reminded of the love, the laughter, and the friendship that we've shared.

Although there will be a lot that I'm leaving behind, I'm taking even more with me....

....all the way to Mebane.


  1. we're so alike when it comes to change! i'm in the same mood today as i finished student teaching and am packing up to move to a new apartment. it's sad and i'm not a fan of change...not a fan at all.


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