Challenging Myself

OK, you are hearing this first:

I'm challenging myself to blog every day for the rest of the month.

I rarely ever blogged last year, but I was able to get a little more frequent in 2015. The past few months, however, have been crazy and my mind has been on other (slightly more important) things!

There are definitely days when I consider ending the blog altogether, but then there are days when I get REALLY excited about it and would love to write more frequently.

I've been trying to pinpoint the things that keep me from blogging. My first thought was a lack of time, but surprisingly, I sometimes find myself blogging more when I am busy. Infrequent blogging drives me crazy. As a blog follower myself, I hate constantly revisiting blogs and never seeing any updates, so that's why I am brainstorming ways I can improve this for my blog.

A few blogging deterrents that are personal to me:

My mood. I tend to stay away from blogging when my heart is not in the right place. I'm typically a joyful and expressive person, but if something is bringing me down, I struggle to have a happy mindset for blogging.

Not knowing how much or how little to share. I love to be transparent, but this is also the internet, so it's kind of scary. If I find myself wanting to talk about politics, religion, Multiple Sclerosis, this pregnancy, work, or anything personal, I tend to hold back and draw some boundaries around my personal life and viewpoints. I also have to respect other people's privacy, which leads me to my next issue.

I have to consider the other people in my life. I spend all day with my co-workers, friends, and family, so it's obvious that those are the people that would make appearances in my blog posts, but I don't feel like it's fair to include them in my blog without their knowledge. Except for Brian. He has no choice in the matter!!! *

* A friend recently told me that she had shared my blog with her friend Stephanie. After reading one of my posts, Stephanie said my blog may be "her new favorite." She also mentioned that the best blog posts were about Brian! LOL. Poor Brian. He is such an easy target.

If you are a blogger, what keeps you from blogging as often as you would like? Lack of time? Lack of ideas? Just curious.