Do Now, Think Later

"Do now, think later" was something my drama teacher from high school used to say.

I had a "do now, think later" moment today. I signed up for a interactive writer's workshop this Saturday.


Never mind the fact that I'm not a writer.

I've never written anything other than college essays and blog posts.

This is a bit concerning, folks.

I'm imagining a round table discussion that begins with each accomplished writer giving his/her introduction, and I'm going to have to stand up and say "Um, I'm Kelly, lead contributor to Hey Strawberrys."

(I just now came up with "lead contributor," not that I'm giving it too much thought or anything).

What if I'm asked specific questions about my writing (which there is none) and what if they speak in writer's lingo (which I know none)?

This could be a disaster. Me, in front of a group, trying to explain the literary genius behind Ode to the Urchin.

Do now, think later.

I'll check back in next week and let you know how that advice panned out.