Hello Weekend, Goodbye iPhone

I've decided to give up something this weekend (and no, it's not singing, if that's what you were hoping).Although I should definitely give up singing...like yesterday. But what's done is done.

Moving on.

I've decided to turn off my cell phone this weekend.

So if you wanna call me, call me, call me.....think again.

(or call Brian and I'll use his phone to talk).

Do you remember the Online Bible Study I mentioned last month: When Women Say Yes to God?
Well, yeah - I haven't exactly been doing it consistently. I did, however, read one chapter this week, which described how the author felt compelled to give up television for two years. I haven't felt connected to this book and this chapter was no different. I don't watch TV, so I felt like it was irrelevant to my life.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

Radical Obedience. Is there something God is asking you to give up? What specific steps do you need to take to fulfill this obedience?

He're my response:


So I closed the book and went on with my life.
The next day I read this article about breaking up with your phone.
I felt like it applied to my life.

True story: I left my iPhone at work one night last week and I totally panicked when I got home.

Brian was about 5 minutes later than normal getting home from work that evening, so I sent him this email:

I don't have my phone. Left it at work. You're probably trying to call me.

He didn't respond to my email, so I got a little more worried.

When he walked in the door a few minutes later, the first thing he said was "I wasn't trying to call you."

In fact, when I got my phone back the next morning, I realized that NOBODY had been trying to call me. I didn't have any missed calls or texts. Not one single voice mail.

I learned two lessons that day. 1) I'm not popular and 2) We should get a land line at our house in case of emergencies.

I've decided to turn off my phone this weekend beginning Friday after work until Monday morning.

I think it will be good to disconnect for a couple days.

Maybe instead of perusing through Facebook on my phone when I'm bored at Sharky's bar, I'll be forced to talk to my friends. Doesn't that sound terrible? Ugh, pray for me people.