The Law of Averages

Occasionally, I will have time to read some of my favorite blogs, and a recent favorite of mine has been Making Things Happen. I don't know these girls and they do not know me, but I was instantly drawn to their inspirational writing, their hard work, and their positive attitudes.

When one of the writers referenced the above quote, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with," I found so much truth in this statement. I instantly began evaluating my Top Five, and I am definitely proud to be the average of these people. They are kind, caring, positive people to be around. They definitely bring me up rather than bring me down.

Can you say the same about the five people you spend the most time with?

I'm blessed to be immediately surrounded by a such wonderful people, and I also am fortunate to have so many positive role models in my life.

About a year ago, I started recognizing that I was drawn to certain women as role models. What's unusual about these role models is that they are not celebrities, nor are they close friends or family. They are people  I barely know, but whose lives I watch from a distance. I silently inspect what they are wearing, what they are saying, and how they are living. I constantly look to them for cues about how I can portray more warmth, embrace a more positive attitude, and live a life of greater purpose.

For instance, one of my many role models is Nancy Ray, who I met briefly in college and who now works as a photographer in Raleigh. Another is the pastor's wife, Karen, at Greystone Baptist Church. There are a handful of others, but I'm afraid I'm starting to sound stalkerish. :-)

Above all else, the thing that these ladies have in common is their unconditional kindness. That is the main reason I find their personalities so magnetizing. Their mannerisms are always graceful and their style is always timeless. I can tell that they work hard without a single complaint. Also, I've noticed that they think before they speak. They approach every situation with utmost class and dignity.

From what I've observed, these women are truly saints. While I'm sure they have some character flaws (maybe?), they are the epitome of strong Christian women who practice rather than preach.

I have so much to learn from these individuals and I am in constant awe of their gracefulness.

The neat thing for me is that these women aren't even aware that I am watching them. Their behaviors and actions are completely genuine. When I think about how much I notice their actions, I'm reminded that other people may be noticing me as well.

I may always be far from perfect, but each day I can make a conscious effort to be better. And if I am one of your Top Five, please hold me accountable.

After all, I'm influencing your average. ;-)

Alright, the Sweet Tooth Bakery is calling my name, so I'd better go. It will be a busy Mother's Day Weekend filled with cake, cookies, and buttercream!

Until next time,