A Short List of Personal Wisdoms

1. I Don't Need All That Stuff.

Have you ever had the experience of looking at the Year To Date on your paycheck and wondering where the heck all that money went!?!?

I looked down at the YTD from my last paycheck from December and thought to myself....

Shut the front door.

How is it that I've made that much money and yet I have no money?

Americans have a serious issue with living above their means. I, on the other hand, manage to live right at my means.

I'm in a position where I could easily be living below my means and actually saving a lot of dough.

Last week, I purged my closet of so many clothes. Be honest with yourself: You're probably wearing the same seven outfits on a weekly rotation.

I managed to overcome my clothing addiction a couple years ago, but I still manage to buy so much crap. As of late, I've become much more conscious of my spending and have realized I don't need all that stuff.

2. Stick with It.

Music. Athletics. Theater.

All of my hobbies were amazing until the moment I decided they were no longer amazing.

I think I most regret giving up the piano, though I can probably still play "Three Blind Mice" like a rock star.

3. I'm Not in the Spotlight.

We all are victim to the Spotlight Effect. "All eyes are on me."

When you fall down the steps, stumble, or make any sort of embarrassing blunder, other people may recall it for about five minutes. You're the only one who is gonna remember it five years later.

(And yes, Betsy, I totally remember busting my ass on the ice that time at Elon, while carrying my books, my lap top, and my gym clothes!)

There you have it. My short list of personal wisdoms.

I'm excited to say I have an uneventful weekend planned. I got a new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for Christmas, so perhaps I'll be busy making some new concoctions.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ben Bipes1/06/2012

    Ice cream sandwiches for everyone at Sharky's tonight! Thanks! You're the best!


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