Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

I know it's a little early.

I know I'm a Type-A planner.

And yes, I have a notebook filled with my plans for the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Brian's 30th birthday party in April.

I often get ahead of myself.

Today I thought I would share with you some Valentine's Day gifts that I considered buying for my handsome boyfriend, Brian. 

But first...

How-Not-To-Do Valentine's Day

Text Message from Brian on 2/14/10: Hey babe, what do you want for Valentine's Day? Perfume or lotion?

Text Message from Kelly on 2/14/10: Um....I guess perfume.

Text Message from Brian on 2/14/10: Ok. Just ordered it. Should be here in about 7-10 days. Happy Valentine's Day

I will give Brian some credit- 2010 may go down as my most memorable Valentine's Day.  
Not because I was swept off my feet, but because I was so annoyed.

I created my very own Romance Meter this morning. 
Brian, of course, was the first and only candidate I tested it on.....

Just as I suspected.

When it comes to Brian being romantic, low expectations have always served me well.

I can't say I would score much higher on the Romance Meter myself. I would consider myself an unromantic cynic, but at least I get a little credit for my creativity.

Ok, now on to the Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him.

Gift Idea #1: Smittens

I saw these smittens on Etsy. Perfect for walking hand-in-hand on those chilly evening strolls. 
(Or, in my case, walking from the car into Sharky's pool hall).

Gift Idea #2: Graphic Tees

 I think this T-shirt pretty much explains itself.

Gift Idea #3: A Surprise Proposal

I'm trying to decide when it's appropriate for me to stray from my traditional values and simply propose to Brian myself. I think this Marriage Proposal Lottery Ticket would be perfect. 

My only fear is that Brian would think I'm joking and then it would be a total fail. The only thing worse than "Remember that Valentine's Day in 2010 when you texted me and asked what I wanted and then it arrived in the mail ten days later..." would be 
"Remember that Valentine's Day when I proposed to you, and you laughed, and then I cried and said that it wasn't a joke, and you said you wished it had been an actual lottery ticket instead...."

But ladies, if you're ambitious, I say go for it.

There you have it. Three great ideas. 

I will unveil my actual Valentine's Day gift on the blog later in February.


  1. My fingers are crossed that the actual gift is choice D, none of the above!!

  2. Brian, you would look great in Smittens and when Kelly isn't with you, you could use them solo to get out of a cold car and head into Sharky's.

    Also, I think if you go negative enough on the romance scale, the meter pops back around and you will be an "over the top romantic". Keep up the good work.

    PS. Kelly is awesome and we think that we should figure out a way to live closer to you guys.

  3. Kelly Lawrence1/30/2012

    Sean, don't encourage Brian's lack of romance! :-) I think you should move the Jaroop headquarters to Raleigh.


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