Twelve Days of Baking

Do you know the historical significance of The Twelve Days of Christmas?

Yeah, me neither.

So I went to Wikipedia only to discover that the Twelve Days of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day and extend until January 5th, representing the days between the birth of the baby Jesus and his baptism in the Jordan River.

But "Contemporary marketing and media tend to espouse the erroneous belief that the Twelve Days end on Christmas and thus begin 14 December." - Source: Wikipedia

Americans are basically doing the whole 12 days thing all wrong.

But "Conformity is the key to popularity." -Source: Kelly Lawrence

Thus, I have decided to begin my Twelve Days of Baking tomorrow and end on Christmas Eve.

I actually won't be baking all twelve days, but maybe three of the twelve days. 

I will, however, feature one baked good per day of the twelve days on The Sweet Tooth blog.

Twelve of my readers will be selected and they will be featured in each of the Twelve Days of Baking posts.

Are you confused yet?

Me too.

("Twelve" is beginning to look misspelled. I hate when that happens.)

To clarify....

**One lucky Sweet Tooth reader will receive the Christmas goodies each of the Twelve Days, personally delivered by yours truly. Read Fine Print Below.**

Winners of the baked goods will not be selected at random. They will be selected by proximity to myself and ease of travel on my part. Also, if we already have plans to get together in the next couple weeks, you're pretty much a shoe in.


  1. Ben Bipes12/12/2011

    One of my typography professors once stated that when the words begin to look wrong, or you cannot see the word itself any longer, that is when real design can begin.

  2. Ame Deaton12/13/2011

    I know E and I are shoe ins but I am gonna be bored from wednesday of next week till christmas eve so yeah mayhaps some kinda of crazy recipe for me your BFF! I'll come help bake and take pictures!!!!


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