Ode to the Urchin

You moved through the tank; a swift, speedy fellow.
Your BFF was the fish who is bright and yellow.

Your spikes contained poison you dared not to use.
There's not a fish in the tank that you'd ever abuse.

A black ball of spikes, people assumed there was danger,
Yet you were as sweet as the babe in the manger. 

Not a soul you would harm as you dashed 'round your home.
Through those 90 gallons you'd frolic and roam.

We found your legs scattered and your body lay limp.
We now have good reason to think it's the shrimp.

Shrimps can eat urchins, though it's hard to believe.
This fact makes me shudder, grimace, and grieve.

Our beloved shrimp Jacques (middle  name Pierre),
Is now a French shrimp turned murderer extraordinaire.