New and Improved

Remember last week's post about Brian's mantel? I had the lightbulb moment to transform Brian's messy and boy-ish mantel into something more feminine and pretty, as demonstrated in this picture here:

I knew it was a brilliant idea, and since Brian didn't have an opinion on the mantel decor, I just rolled with it.

On Saturday morning, I grabbed some Starbuck's fuel and headed to face the Christmas chaos at TJ Maxx.

A Caramel BrulĂ©e latte is the cure for stressful shopping. I moseyed around the Maxx and didn't even get upset when some lady started eyeing the same mirror that I eyed first.

(I won that battle, fyi).

Without further delay....

I even cleaned out the messy shelves over on the side of the mantle...


Brian's mantel commentary included:

"It looks....better."

"It looks.....girly."

"It doesn't look like my house."

Translation: He loves it.