El Gato Presents..."A Final Word Of Advice"

So, lets say you have utilized one of my previous methods and have gotten the perfect gift.

You're on cloud nine.

You can't wait for the receiver to open your awesome gift.

But hang on one minute, it can get even better.

I have two words: Gift Presentation.

Yes, this is important and it should not be overlooked. Sure they will love the front row concert tickets you got them, but you lose the pop if you present them in a standard envelope, not to mention the huge disservice you're doing to yourself and all the time, stress and sweat put into thinking of the gift. Its like picking the perfect outfit and then pairing it with sub par shoes. So put some thought into this, get creative, spend the extra $5 or $10 on a trinket that would add to gift presentation.

Use the appropriate amount of tissue paper and don't discount the power of ribbon.

People judge a book by the cover and they will judge your present by the presentation. Believe me, the extra effort will pay off and it will complete the gift.

Merry Christmas!