Days 9-12 of Christmas Baking

The 12 Days of Christmas Baking sorta fell apart there at the end.

Surprisingly, I was still baking all of my goodies and delivering them to some of my favorite people, but I was too busy to blog.

I made No-Bake Cookies for my dear friend Brandon using this recipe here. (Love you Brando!)

These cookies are always a hit. 

I took some to over to my least  favorite bar, Sharky's Place, to share with the bartenders and the devoted Sharky's crew. They were all devoured by the end of the night!

I also tried a new Cake Batter Cookie recipe, which turned out really good.

One Box Cake Mix (Duncan Hines Classic White)
One tub of Cool Whip
One egg

Mix, roll balls in powdered sugar, and bake at 350 for 12 minutes. 

I gave these cookies out to Brian's crazy neighbors.

After eating the cookies in five minutes flat, one neighbor came over to the house, thanked me for the cookies, and offered a marriage proposal. 

I'm not entirely convinced he was joking.

Though I didn't get to bake everything I had originally intended, I would say the 12 Days of Baking were semi-successful. Next year, perhaps I will actually follow through with the entire 12 days. (And maybe I'll start sending some goodies through the mail for my out-of-state readers).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Brian and I had a nice dinner at my parents' house on Friday before heading to Annapolis for the weekend. We had a wonderful holiday relaxing, eating, and opening presents. 

Here are my pictures:

The Christmas Tree

The Fox

The Hyena

Me and the Hyena

Yes, these are the only pictures documenting Christmas 2011. 

Poor quality photos taken with my iPhone. 


Now back to "work." 


  1. Ben Bipes12/27/2011

    It's "Robin," Kelly. Not "Robert."


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