The Sweet Tooth Bakery

When it comes to dental school, I'm still in limbo. I've had my interview ( in one interview) at my first choice school, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Go Tar Heels Duke!

So now I'm just waiting until December or January to hear back from UNC.

Just keep waiting...Just keep waiting....

To be completely honest, I would be over-the-top ecstatic if I'm accepted, but I would be content with a rejection letter, as well.

I currently have a wonderful job. I'm doing great financially. I'm writing. I'm baking.

Speaking of baking, if I don't launch into a dental school career in the next few months, I'm planning to launch into the baking business.

Have you seen my cakes?!! I'm very proud. I spend a lot of time focusing on every detail of these custom cakes.

A friend of mine recently created a Facebook page for her cupcake business "Hello, Sugar Rush!", which has inspired me to perhaps take my favorite hobby to the next level.

Of course, I will need a website designer, a graphics designer, a business manager, an advertising agent.

Okay, pretty much all I have at the moment are my two faithful taste-testers.

And in case you haven't visited my Sweet Tooth Bakery site (up there at the top of my blog), here are some of my recent works of art: